Lab 32 is not a home studio.

We have a spacious building where we rent out several smaller-scale studios, each complete with their own vocal booth. But within the main studio we have a large control room, a full band room, and a generously-sized vocal booth. The inner architecture has taken all acoustics into consideration, providing an excellent sound for our artists.

Our control room features a spacious setting for up to six artists/associate to take part of the recording process. For those who wish to be more hands on with the recording process, there is plenty of room at the recording console itself. In terms of equipment, we have a high quality 24 channel digital MOTU sound card which translates the audio from our 48 input board to the computer for a very accurate reproduction of your music. All vocals are run through our PRO VLA tube compressor which not only levels out musical peaks but it also provides a smooth analog sound.

Our main vocal microphone gets rave reviews from almost everyone who hears it. We use a tube mic which results in capturing a smoother, warmer, more pleasing sound than most mics. Assorted mics include Groove Tube 1, Sure, Buyer Dynamic, Akg, Nady and more. Our outboard gear includes the PCM60 Lexicon Reverb Unit, the DMV pro multi-effects processor, and the MPX100 multi-effects processor.

Our band room is big enough to accommodate a choir or a drum kit and band members. All the rooms are connected via microphones and headphones so everyone can hear each other. The room comes pre-stocked with a basic drum kit with triggers attached. If you don’t have your own kit, feel free to use ours. If you have your own kit, we’ll be glad to mic it up for you

You can pay for studio time with the form below. Please see our rates page to view all prepay pricing restrictions. Also, please contact us to confirm date and time availability before making payment. The link below accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Paypal accounts. To pay without logging into a Paypal account, click the 'Don't have a Paypal Account' when the link below redirects you.

Hours and Rates

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